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The real test is always comprehensive and give more complete picture of a product. Truthfully it can carry a certain weakness and burden. Should remain impartial, although some aspects by you under evaluation products dramatically stand out was for good, was in bad. Objectivity is the center of the target during testing and my only objective that we will blindly follow. By the way I promised to Mr. Henry Bodnik the owner of the Bearpaw Product factory and donated bow that will be such. Regardless of our good relationship, and my desire to be in some way to repay him.

The Mohican has elegant shape in rest position.


Bodnik bows are well known and recognizable brand name in our coutry thus this will be the first serious test of his products. It would be tested to the core so we can aproved or denied all what company claim. So let's go out and do some tests!

The model we get strike right into the center of  our market because it represents the best ratio of price and quality of the bow that entering adults in the world of archery. The model Moxican is our test model. Identity card for Mohican is 45 # @ 28 "60" WS(whisper string). For those less informed the bow draw forces is 45 pounds (about 20kg) on ​​the 28 inch of draw length (about 70cm) and the owerall length is 60 inches (about 150 cm). These are factory data.

Structurally speaking Moxican is a take down, recurve bow (three-part recurve fiberglass composite laminated bow) with the flemish style string. It comes in draw forces from 30 to 50 pounds in ranges from 5 pounds. This solved the problem of selection by customers, because this range will suit the vast majority of users. The bow is 60 inches long which is one of the shorter and more oriented hunting bows. Riser is long 19 inch (48cm) and is constructed of gray-black action wood with a cross-section of the arc set laminate ash and exotic bubinga wood.

Action wood lams with bely side (to archer) are mounted longitudinally (looking from the up- vertically) so that the laminates are in the direction that provides maximum resistance to bending and gives firmness handle. The core is as we said of the arc set a laminate structure which provides improved toughness and action wood on back side (away from the archer) viewed from the above set crosswise ie. horizontally which allows defined stress. The string is standard on all Bearpaw bows and carries the name Whisper String and is made in flemish style of the three types of materials. There are ten strands in it what is Bearpaw standard number of strands for this force.

Evolution or face lifting

The model we received is the successor to a previous model called Hard Hunter. Sales results made possible further developt of successor who was promoted to several segments compared to its older brother.

One of the most visible changes is the use of action wood in the riser instead of a hard wood that has been used before. Setting up limbs to grip this time was done on a much smoother manner and without those bumpy head screws that have somehow become recognizable at cheaper class bows. These changes have brought some minor changes in aesthetic terms but also in terms of performance as we will explained later in the text. The new model has slightly less aggressive limbs and can be seen only when directly compared with the old model limbs. This gives a slightly different picture in a chart that shows the slope of the draw power curve. The new model is more balanced whic is also a good adventage.      


The first sunny weekend we used to test and what we are as always do divided into ten segments, each one carries ten points. Total 100 points that can be achieved by giving us a general judgment about how much the bow covering all the most important characteristics that we test.

1 The appearance, design, overall appearance, identity card of the bow.
2 finish, quality of the materials.
3 characteristics (strength, length, speed) how in practice coincides with what the factory claims.
4 Handle (ergonomics, the feel of pulling, releasing, how sensitive to tork is.
5 The feeling in the draw proces.
6 Vibration, sound after release.
7 String (quality, sound, stretching ...)
8 Speed achieved with the appropriate arrows.
9 Accuracy (forgivnes at user errors).
10 Value of quality per money.              

When you first open a package with a long waited bow first connection is about to come is while you estimate appearnace. If the bow show up even more eye catching then you expect we instantly fall in love with. But when it's not then disappointment come.

Dosed skills and experience

When I first saw Moxican Instantly I am become accustomed to the bow. This is the moment of which we reporters must be watch out, because my job is to make a real assessment of this product, which afther that will be very difficult.
The handle of the bow is very well designed, have a massive look, where it's need to be a rustic and also sleek, where necessary. Contrast of colors of bubunga and ash wood with dark gray-black action wood-immediately attracts attention. Appealing contour with a soothing arcuate line gives the impression of harmony.

One of the best part of the all Bearpaw bows is their Whisper Strings. They are quiet more than company claim

The limbs also accompany this style with a black matte finish and ash fiberglass laminates provide full contrast. What does not follow this fund is a savings in working hours, which is reflected in the fact that the riser excellent processed where necessary (handles,  arrow shelf) while the lack of such processing falls under the metal spokes, processing holes in double holded nuts, sharp corners of the site window ....

Take what you will, but this assessed as poor would not be fair because this is the bow that is one of the initial models for adults but it's price tag indicates that you can not expect perfection from him. What I brought here as a conclusion that the Bearpaw offered his superior skill and decades of experience where necessary to the bow in order to functioned perfectly. He gave us the opportunity for a small price to enjoy all that experience as good as it was a top model .... Correct me if I'm wrong.

Recessed Allen as standard! Although by competitors still present bumpy screw that gives a bow a low class look the appeal of the Mohicans is not the case because you'll easily replaced this bow for some higher class bow.
Processing of lims is perfect, edge fiber uniformly lowered, the corners of limbs, compounding the wedge in the limbs with ash and fiber laminates is perfect and there will not yield to failure. I as a bowyer  can guarantee to you.

The joijning of limbs and riser is also excellent as it is not the case with metal inserts where the limbs gets its lateral stability. This reign is not perfect. There is a certain tolerancu where should not be present. Nothing dramatic but ... But black matt finish of metal inserts gives aristocratic look. Great stuff is that limbs has tip owerlayers from micarta which is great because it allows the use of modern srtings that has little or no stretch, and not at all gentle to a limb tips. This is also a characteristic of much serious bows.

However micarta processing at the top of the limbs with the channels for the string is not as accurate. We returned to the same conclusion, where usability is at stake or the working hours are It's not perfect but there is where problems stops.

The string is something that will regardless of the objectivity described from the heart. In one word perfect !!! All the company Bearpaw bows are equipped with whisper strings. They claim very seriously that they are superior to the competition. This statement are prowe itself through testing confirmed several times. The look is perfect, each thread in its place, even the ends of the exit filaments are not visible.

They did not cut even see traces of burning, are just seems to glued to the string and do not see it until we unravel the entire string. Serving is perfectly round, properly positioned. Score of the first test despite of a few shortcomes is  8.5 points.

The second test is the quality of treatment-finishing, and quality of the materials used. Action wood is a rarity in some way. Particular in Europe. It was used in the handle. Quality material from wood laminate pressed under high temperature in the resin. Thus processed wood has become insensitive to moisture, worms, uv radiation. He also became very strong and resistant to mechanical stress. On the look and feel it has the old feling of touching the wood what we traditional archers love very much. Laminates ash and bubunga give except contrasting line that intersects the riser in two parts, the required elasticity and exotic.

The black micarta is pleasent solution if you use lowstrech strings. But final shaping are too raff


Action wood laminates are set at an angle of ninety degrees all together give a very sturdy and resistant riser. A platform for both, those less or for very strong limbs. Metal inserts carrying limbs are fastened with three screws, correctly processed with excellent finish in black matt finish. Closure has already been mentioned done with countersunk allen highest quality bolts which can be screwed into double nuts glued and screwed deep into the riser. Massive and reliable solution. The limbs are made of black Bodnik fiberglass laminate.

Thickness of 1mm, which has long been known as a very reliable material, laminated ash guarantee forgiveness of mistakes and longevity life of the limbs. The string of the FF (fast flight) and two other types of matterials of trusted manufacturers masterfully twisted and optimally evaluated in terms of the number of threads with the power of bow. Rating for this segment of testing is very high eights (8). What aparts of the assessment is the plastic cartridge into the limbs through which allen takes pressure to the bracket and contact the fiberglass part of the limbs directly to the metal plate. These are not the happiest solution.

The third segment is the beginning of serious consideration. Match the characteristics of the bow with the factory data. 45 # @ 28 "60" We'll go in that order. Bow on AMO scale showed 46.7 # which belongs to the exact data. Plus minus 2 pounds is normal tolerance because it is a composite that has a wood in it and that as a natural material and therefore can never be 100% the same. In contrast, the total length of the bow is rounded up to look around, because otherwise we get the measurement result. From nock to nock 55.5 "peak to peak 56.3" and when we measured across the stomach-bely (side to archer), we get 59 ".

On the bow tree we can see that the factory claim data is 100%correct


Also according to AMO standard  3 inch added to string lenght also do not mach correctly with 60 inch. So this information is incorrect. Not so big deal becose company round that numbers according to easiest categorisation. Weight of the bow in total is 1160 g, and it is one of the few weight bows as a result of the use of action wood and metal inserts of the limbs holders. As an example, I will mention that my bows is lighter than 1kg.

The limbs weight is 350g which is given by the use of ash which is not an easiest. Easy as much as we can when it comes to producing the limbs must be an imperative. But when you need to produce more releable then super fast or smooth bow for beginers you need to consider way more diferently. However I will also personally decided this type of wood because the ash limbs will be granted to forgive the mistakes that every beginner have.

Riser has a 27mm deflection ratio, and the riser depest point in the grip is distanced from arrow shelf 28mm which is optimally done. All in all the most important data such as draw weight at a certain draw lenght, the number of threads in a string, the type of material and the wood is completely consistent with the factory data, apart from the overall length of the bow. The rating is therefore (8) eight.

The fourth test is the test of ergonomics of the handle, overall ergonomics, feeling the handle while drawing the bow .... In short, grip is one of the most important parts of the bow, from the grip directly depends precision, comfort, a sense of vibration. It seems simple, but when you have a bad or not properly sculptured grip so we fired a few arrows and feel the pain in tendon or joint, at the same time at each shoot the bow is moved or hold it so that it twists and tork in the hand.

Arrow have some of the signs of false flight and you will understand how necessary it is well constructed handle. The full draw is felt as rights ergonomics and also in the process of shooting .

If you hold the the bow in full draw lenght and hold some 30 seconds or more and does not hurt you anywhere, it does not whiten any part of the hand you may be on your way to choose a good grip. The great challenge is to construct a universal grip that will all lie well in the hand. Handle of the Mohican has fulfilled most of the requirements, is open, there is no tork a hand is quickly and easy fits in it.

Radius of a shape that is in direct contact with hand means that the area between the thumb and index finger is stretched and has a curve that is less steep in half part from the middle to the index finger and sharper from middle to the thumb. This is an excellent move because it follows the natural shape of the hand. The cross-section and a view of the top reveals another good trait.

In full draw the bow shows working recurves and good balance


The form of droplets, whose is thicker between your thumb and indeks finger reduces the possibility of twisting movement of the hand which is a big advantage. It's a bit empty, unfilled in the middle of the palm with "sharp" edge at the turn of the profiled part but that is all. Overall an excellent universal grip. Unfortunately I do not fits 100% because I use high-grip but this can not be considered by any defect. I rate handle eight and a half (8.5)

The fifth segment is one of the most important. The feeling trough the drawing cucle. Is a smooth bow (do not mix this with how difficult or easy is to pull the bow) nothing is crunching, creaking, or stacking. No twisting at all. Many important details in a short process. How much is hard to be objective here is the fact that the same bow pulling by two completely different people can be graduated completly oposite.

That's why I'm  use the chart and the feeling associated with experience. What you feel when drawing the bow, and also by measuring and entering data into the program get an accurate picture of which is formed by pure physics. What do we say about this graph, the force draw curwe? The curve compare  the length of the draw to a draw weight ? As you can see the bow in the initial phase has a great tension before (preload), which shows that already in the beginning quickly raises the strength and raises the level of potential energy packed in the overall process.

This was later positively identified with the total potential energy of the bow and its efficiency ie. the success of the structure. As we approach the midle range of the drawing cicle so the income of  power decreases with each passing inch which gives a feeling of smoothness while the owerall power continues to grow.

Somewhere in the 26 inch that balances the flow of power and then slowly rises with each successive Incom which indicates that the bow increases the flow of power with each successive income. In order not to put you in a situation where we do not understand each other the total power of the bow naturally increases with each inch

But how many for each inch? If, for example. between 15 and 16 inches strength increased by 2 pounds and between 16 and 17 inches incrise for  2.2 pounds then his strength increases with increasing rate in every inch. The other way around if it decreases with decreasing certain rate on every inch of course while total power constantly growing. After the aforementioned 26-inch power began to grow with the increasing rate in certain relations. In the beginning it is very mild,  slovely rasing with an incrising rate by the 30 inches is no question of stacking (the phenomenon when you feel that the bow becomes tough and very difficult for a further draw in which the limbs can not hold to much more).

Aditional adventage is screw holes for sights or quvers


In other words the storing energy is incrised rapidly in every aditional inch of draw. Although the Bearpaw company tests his limbs to an incredible 40 inches of draw and they still do not break. This is data that serves only as a guarantee of quality and not as a possibility to use a bow because after 32-33 inches is certainly not a pleasant to pull him away and especially not easy because the stack then have a maximal rate.

Anyway energy generated (an area which is "collected" under the curve) is not a naive, that is credited to good engineering. So the feeling is very pleasant, there is no possibility of a stack, structure and limbs are optimally utilized. I must admit that I especially liked the feeling of preload where the limbs immediately shows his teeth as we speak, and that the results of speed to be worthwhile. Precisely because this is the maximum energy that limbs can produce at a high level. Also feeling of smoothness in the final inches of draw cucle for this class of bow is excellent. Consistency is the thing that not so many bowyers taken into account and in my opinion is very important and must be included in the test.

About consistency in fact, I developed a special method that compares bows in this test. When I draw the bow to 28" determined by AMO standard at the time of achieving full draw measured power is recorded. From that moment running for one minute during which time is measured force starts to decline as it comes to fatigue. After the expiry of the one-minute power is re-recorded and the difference can be expressed as a percentage. Anything below one percent is an excellent result and negligible for the operation of bow. Moxican this test taken almost perfectly.

For one minute at full draw lost only .2 pounds or one-fifth of a pound. Expressed in grams that is 90,4g which is much less than 1% of the total power. This is a testament to how powerful and durable fiberglass material is for this purpose, and certainly the proof of quality of Bodnk unidirection fiber. While stressing there is absolutely no sound, it is completely dead and silent, overall general assessment of the eight (8) and the only reason why ranks is no higher is too early matching the inflow of power to the hair line on the graph in 26th. inch.

The same design without any special changes and increase  of price could offer even better!  For some more potential energy at full draw. In order to understand this, in practice none will feel the diference but charts comparing sence these small gaps and separates him from the perfect curve.

The sixth test is right next to the most important, bow behavior after shooting the arrow. It goes without saying that I used in the test  adequate arrow by spine and weigth. The first try did not show its full potential, it is understandable that I should get used to the new bow. Searching for adequate brace high, streching the string itself, noking point etc. In the beginning, noisy with the vibrations, afther finding sweat spot and adding wool buffer to the string the bow was transformed in a very quiet and peaceful instrument. Comparing it with those first couple of arrows honestly did not expect this much progress.

Biting and abrupt, stable in terms of twisting. Arrows fired from it fly right as lightning you could say. This is proof that the bow transfered a large part of its potential energy to arrow, also speaks that is efficient (this is of course possible only if you have adequate arrows). Vibration and noise naturally has been reduced to an acceptable level for this construction of bow.

I have notice no hand shock, only if I focus directly on this issue feel that it has. The explosion of energy leaves its mark and it is impossible to go without it. Moxcan show this only if we think about. The sound you hear is  just as a quick whiz while accelerating the string trough air, after which buffers do their job. Rezidential vibration stays, about a second or two after shooting, very low frekfencies completely harmless to bow it is only witness a violent reactions played a split second before. My bows are quieter and with less vibration but they are custom products, and would not be good if they are not better of mass production product.

FDC show how smoot the bow is. Also the amount of energy stored beneth is respectable


Do not forget to say it. It has a positive bow tiler but only 3.5 mm which I think is a little bit smaller for that kind of range of the deepest points and shelves for split finger shot. What I'm saying is.... For the annulment of the forces that are produced due to the unequal length of the string above and below the hands need a little more positive tiler.

The problem particularly comes to the surface when we add the fact that bow does not have a high grip and the support point moves further towards the handle and thus further increases the range of pivot point and arrow shelf. An adequate assessment would be seven and a half (7.5) because of this segment depends the sustainability of bow, fatigue and load that suffers as one of the most important qualities to be considered at that way.

Awerage speed was182fps with 400gr arrows. The bow is 46#@28``. Very good results


Seventh test concerns the string. Much noise has been around about  the advertising of famous whisper string. There are so many thing went away that Mr. Henry Bodnik sent his string in the laboratory where professionals with sound equipment recorded sound and vibration plotted all compared with other producers. Three types of modern polymer filament masterfully involved in flemish style with added reinforcements to make the loops of the whisper string. It works great on the tips of the bow, which I tested, but I tried it on my own bow too.

My bow is shorter by 1.5 inches, and I twisted a string a few extra spin in order to shorten it to the required length. I already mentioned that I am amazed that this string comes with a bow, which is one of the entrance mass production bow. But what happened when I fired a shot with my bow frozen me. Bow has become much quieter. In the true sense of the word.

Bow that I used with two collored dacron thicker string by all phusic laws should have been a quieter then with whisper string which is consist of the two collored string  even thinner but with much much less strechable fast flight material. In addition to all my experience, completely sure of what will happen, exactly the opposite happened. A few arrows to be sure and score ten (10) is 100% justified. Whisper string really justified its name !!!

The eighth test  is my favorite. If you do not have enough time to testing the bow for seweral weeks just measured the speed. This information is not the most important of all. But from the beginning, when the bow is still on paper, to the first finished model speed reflects fully the overall efficiency of the structure and relationship of investment and surrendered.

Mohican have standard handle. Comparation with custom made shows big diferences


The success of the project is seen in one microsecond when arrow flashed through the chronometer. For the test I used Gold Tip arrows, model ttaditional. Carbon arrows are valid for the Golf second generation among arrows, durable and reliable to the hi limits. Spine 400, 8.6 gr. per inch, tips 120gr weight. 

All together 400grains. Translated to grams which is about 25g. Several series with an average speed slightly and then assembled while the average divided by the number of average and we got the arithmetic mean value of the speed of 182fps. With a bow of 46 # to 28". The best result was 188fps. Not a bad result for this optimized running bow. The truth today bows of this design are able to achieved 230fps but with price  of 1500 euro.!!!

Average is around 190 up to 220 and just over it. But for the more expensive models from Bearpaw. I have to mention the fact that one of my bows with  (54#@28") scored 211fps with  Endles ff string. Like the fact that my bow with the string of the Mohicans, on average, got the speed, exactly 8fps. In the dl. of 28 inches reaching speeds of around 198fps.

My first successful serious bow in this category, that I made almost a decade ago by the 169fps with 43#@28" I considered as great success. Do not get me wrong speed is not crucial, but tels a lot of things about the bow. The estimate for the speed of the bow is(8), taking into account that is consistent and vary slightly few feet up and down which probably depends on my imperfect release.

The shape of the handle is well made


The ninth test is difficult enforceable and willy-nilly I had to be subjective. It requires much more time and fired arrows than I've had at their disposal and could achieve. So take the result with a grain of salt, but I am very pleased that feeling where I point the bow the arrows arrives.

Without much practice using only prior experience fired a total of about 250 arrows of which merely 50 used for testing vibration, speed, sense .... Arrows are flown at the same angle, no sound, flight is stable has no twists, fish tails... , no tork in the handle and precision is just the result of all these characteristics. For precision

I offer him special recognition because as a bow to enter the archery can very easily refuse future archer if it's not good especially in this segment. With the Mohicans it will not happen and you will have only satisfied customers. Total score of nine (9) again taking into account the class of the bow.

The tenth test is only a summary of the story more than the test statement but it is important to say because the price is always the one that interests us the most. Based on the foregoing so far we can easily conclude that the quality, appearance, function is at a level that is more than sufficient for recommending. Final obstacle now is just a price.

According to catalog data bow costs 178 euros. Truly, I was confused because for the average or even below average cost of a bow will certainly hard to expect characteristic of the bow above the average characteristics which in some segments touches and excellent reviews. At the end, when we add the ratings by all segments of the testing end result is 85 points out of a possible 100 points.

If you ask me for a recommendation, I will not lie to you, and with peace of mind I'll say YES. If you ask me what do I get if I buy and compare with the competition? I'll tell you that he has no equal, competition is killed with a ratio of price and quality and design. If you ask me for my personal opinion this is the bow which moves the borders.

Excellent solution for the limb bolts


General opinion that the initial bow should be the bow that will teach the owner basics and you will be taken after something more serious. This is a very serious bow that you will not want to sell as soon as you learn the basics of archery because with the development of your skills the bow will somewhat follow your development and provide a much higher level of use than just basic.

The quality of which has surely not be able to inherit a younger or new beginner will be able to use it in folloving years. Bearpaw has definitely taken a stable leadersheep in Europe, it is very dedicated to the mission to turn instinctive archery into a mass sport. Its mission is spreading to other continents, manufacturing in several countries and a logistics accompanying the idea.

One fact they still stand out to such an extent that it was impossible for them to compete with a courage that is aplay only with a series archer like Mr. Bodnik is, is to provides 30 years of warranty for Bodnik series of bows!!! Such courage and dedication gave birth to Moxican, one of the best entrance models on the market that offers all the experience and quality gained for years in an '' ordinary '' bow for beginners.

In the name of Calibre Magazine and my self I thank Mr. Henry Bodnik and his company Berpaw Product which seconded the bow and broadheads, with joy we are waiting for the arrival of this great enthusiasts in Serbia to the course of instinctive archery. 

Boris Rakic FL.Archery shop. January 2017.

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Poduzimamo dostupne tehničke mjere u cilju sprečavanja neovlaštenog otkrivanja vaših ličnih podataka, ne možemo garantovati da neki od ličnih podataka koje prikupljamo neće nikada biti slučajno otkriveni. Budući da nemamo kontrolu nad ličnim podacima koje dostavljate prilikom pristupa ili korištenja sajta zanimljiv.org, do najveće mjere dopuštene zakonom isključujemo odgovornost za štetu koja može nastati vama ili trećim osobama zbog dostavljanja ličnih podataka na taj način.

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12. 01. 20

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Zvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivna

Zanimljivi linkovi


Deo zanimljivog sajta koji sadrži linkove do kvalitetnih sajtova. Sajtovi koje predstavljamo na ovoj stranici su uglavnom vezani za lov i ribolov, mada je u planu dodavanje i sajtova koji se bave uopšteno boravkom u prirodi. Cilj nam je da na jednom mestu objedinimo što je moguće veći broj linkova, jer na taj način će se lakše dolaziti do informacija.

Boravak u prirodi

      Vukovi sa Dunava 

Forum o reci Dunav i ribolovu. Ako ne znate odgovor na neko pitanje u vezi ribolova proverite da li odgovor postoji na Vukovima sa Dunava.

varalicar      Varaličar.com

Portal  sa tematikom ribolova, to je nakraći opis sajta varaličar. Odlikuje se velikim i raznolikim sadržajem o sportskom ribolovu, a ima i forum u svom sklopu.

Mušičar    Mušičar

Mušičarski community. Namera i osnovna ideja sajta je popularisanje mušičarenja kao spota, kao hobija, kao strasti i naravno, opsesije i stila života.

  Lovci Srbije  lovcisrbije.com

Lovci Srbije je internet portal namenjen lovcima, kinolozima i svim ljubiteljima prirode i lova iz Srbije i okoline.

PV TV    pv-tv.tv

PV TV je sajt koji je nastao kao produžetak televiziskog kanala, i najkraće rečeno je super. Svaka preporuka.

Ulovi trofej emisija o ribolovu    ulovitrofej.com

Ulovi trofej je emisija o ribolovu koja se emituje duže od 10 godina, a za to vreme je ekipa koja radi na njoj obišla mnoge terene i to lepo zabeležila.

Portal Srbija lov www.srbijalov.com

Srbija lov - zajedničko interesovanje, mnoštvo ilustrovanih i korisnih informacija, mišljenja i diskusije članova mogu nas samo učiniti boljim lovcima i zaljubljenicima u prirodu.

Časopis ribolov www.listribolov.co.rs

List Ribolov jeste prateći sajt za časopis Ribolov koji izlazi svakog dugog petka. Pored tekstova iz novina, na sajtu se nalazi još interesantnih stvari.





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14. 02. 12

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Zvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivnaZvezda aktivna

Zanimljiv.org vam omogućava korišćenje usluga i sadržaja svog portala i foruma koje je podložno niže navedenim Uslovima korišćenja. Uslovi korišćenja se primenjuju na sve sadržaje i usluge. Korišćenjem bilo kog dela portala i foruma smatra se da su korisnici upoznati sa ovim uslovima, kao i da prihvataju korišćenje sadržaja ovog portala i foruma isključivo za ličnu upotrebu i na sopstvenu odgovornost.

Zanimljiv.org zadržava pravo izmene, ukidanja (privremenog i trajnog) bilo kojeg sadržaja ili usluge na portalu i forumu bez obaveze prethodne najave.

Autorska prava

Zanimljiv.org polaže autorsko pravo na sve autorske sadržaje i njihovo korišćenje bez prethodne pismene dozvole nije dozvoljeno.
Fotografije, slike, tekstovi, naslovi, video prikazi, sa ili bez zvuka, te svi drugi dokumenti na sajtu zanimljiv.org podlezu zakonima o autorskom pravu, industrijskom i/ili intelektualnom vlasnitvu, te su kao takvi vlasništvo sajta zanimljiv.org ili trećih osoba koja su ustupile delimično pravo korišćenja.
Svako (delimocno ili potpuno) korišćenje, reprodukcija, umnožavanje, distribucija ili izmena bilo kog dela dizajna ili sadržaja sajta zanimljiv.org, te logoa i naziva zanimljiv.org bez prethodne pismene dozvole smatraće se povredom autorskih prava intelektualnog vlasnistva.

Linkovi na druge web stranice

Zanimljiv.org ima autorski sadržaja, sadržaja partnera i oglašivača, foruma i linkova na druge web stranice. Sve sadržaje na sajtu zanimljiv.org koristite na sopstvenu odgovornost. Zanimljiv.org ne snosi odgovornost ni za kakvu štetu nastalu oglašavanjem na svom portalu i forumu. Ukoliko primetite problematične linkove ka drugim sajtovima, molimo vas da nam javite i da ih možemo na vreme ukloniti.

Zaštita privatnosti

Svi podaci koji se sakupljaju na zanimljiv.org sakupljaju se automatski, sa izuzetkom podataka u delu forum. Podatke iz procesa registracije na forumu, kao i ostale podatke o korisniku, zanimljiv.org neće davati na uvid trećoj strani, osim u slučaju kada je takva obaveza regulisana zakonom.
U sklopu rada sajta zanimljiv.org se koriste skripte sa sajtova Google.com i Facebook.com koje za cilj imaju poboljšanje kvaliteta sadržaja sajta. Da bi ste se upoznali sa uslovima korićenja ovih skripti posetite te sajtove i pročitajte uslove. Takođe se u vašem pregledaču beleže podaci o vašoj poseti u cookies ( HTTP cookie, web cookie i browser cookie ), što možete ograničiti podešavanjem vašeg pregledača.

Korisnicima sajta zanimljiv.org strogo je zabranjeno:

- objavljivanje, slanje i razmena sadržaja koji krše postojeće srpske i/ili međunarodne zakone, sadržaja koji je uvredljiv, vulgaran, preteći, rasistički ili šovinistički, kao i sadržaja koji je štetan na bilo koji drugi način
- objavljivanje, slanje i razmena informacija za koje posetilac zna ili pretpostavlja da su lažne, a čije bi korišćenje moglo da nanese štetu drugim korisnicima
- lažno predstavljanje, odnosno predstavljanje u ime drugog pravnog ili fizičkog lica
- objavljivanje, slanje i razmena sadržaja koji su zaštićeni autorskim pravom
- objavljivanje, slanje i razmena neželjenih sadržaja korisnicima bez njihovog pristanka ili traženja, ili putem obmane
- svesno objavljivanje, slanje i razmena sadržaja koji sadrže viruse ili slične programe napravljene u svrhu uništavanja ili ograničavanja rada bilo kojeg kompjuterskog softvera i/ili hardvera i telekomunikacione opreme
- prikupljanje, čuvanje i objavljivanje ličnih podataka drugih posetilaca

Izmene uslova korišćenja

Zanimljiv.org zadržava pravo izmene uslova korišćenja u bilo kom trenutku, a posetioci o tome mogu da se informišu na strani "Uslovi korišćenja". Zanimljiv.org neće biti odgovoran za moguće posledice proizašle iz takvih promena i  nije obavezan da dodatno informiše posetioce o nastalim izmenama.

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11. 05. 16

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Zvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivnaZvezda neaktivna

Zanimljiv sajt je pozicija na Internetu gde ćete naći informacije o ribolovu, lovu i uopšte boravku u prirodi. Boravak u prirodi  je nešto što ima mnogo različitih oblika, ima dosta različitih aktivnosti kojima se ljudi bave, a sve u cilju da se opuste i odmore na kvalitetan način.

Odmor u prirodi


zanimljiv sajt



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